Sodding in Clark

Your lawn is meant to be lush and lovely throughout the year, adding the pleasant sight of a velvety green surface framing your home or business. However, maintaining this green carpet can be a difficult task, especially when it begins to develop patchiness and bald spots. With such flaws, your lawn's beauty quickly fades into an unattractive and unappealing feature.

R & B Landscaping, LLC is a top-rated Clark landscaping company that provides healthy and sustainable sod solutions to turn your lawn around. We offer a one-time solution to turn your struggling yard into a gorgeous field with a single easy step.

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How Our Sodding Process Works

Unlike reseeding, our sodding solutions provide an immediate result to get your lawn back up to snuff. We install grass that contains already healthy blades with an attached root system and nutrient-rich soil.

Our sodding process begins by inspecting the area that needs to be covered and determining the correct amount and type of sod to complete the installation. Once these have been identified, we remove the existing vegetation and debris and prepare the soil by tilling and leveling it. Next, we roll out the sod, starting at one end and working toward the other, with each section laid tightly together. Finally, we water the new sod thoroughly to make sure the roots attach themselves to the new soil. Our process is oriented towards helping the sod quickly become part of its new environment, reaching deep into the ground and growing thick and tall.

The Benefits of R & B Landscaping, LLC's Sodding Service

Sodding is a time-consuming and arduous process that requires a great deal of work and knowledge to achieve desirable results. When you work with our expert team, you can ensure you get the right results the first time around without wasting time and money undergoing a trial-and-error method.

We've been doing this work for so long that we've gotten it down to a science. Our team knows the dos and don'ts of sod laying, so we're able to provide you with a streamlined process that avoids the common pitfalls and maximizes the chances of success. We can also provide you with a set of instructions on how to nurture the newly laid sod into healthy green grass.

Choose the Right Type of Sod for Your Property

To achieve a good sod implementation, you want a type of grass that will grow well in Clark's climate. Some types of sod are drought resistant and hold moisture better than others, while others require a specific level of sun exposure. With sod that is already acclimatized to the conditions, there is a higher likelihood it'll survive in your yard.

Our sodding team is here to provide you with suitable recommendations for your sodding choices. Ask us any questions you may have about the work, and we'll be happy to give sound answers.

A Company that Meets Your Sodding Needs in Clark

With the help of R & B Landscaping, LLC's first-rate techniques and products, countless residents of Clark enjoy a healthy and green lawn. With our fast turnarounds, fair pricing, and quality service, there is no need to look elsewhere. Dial (732) 762-6696 to book an appointment with our sod team.